John “RevaN” Boble

John “RevaN” Boble



I had the chance to sit down with a few of the players from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 team, team DeathwisH. I first had the ability to talk to the Team Captain, Matthew “Burns” Potthoff on how he saw the present and future. Now, from a different point of view, I’ve had the chance to sit down and discuss the same things with another member of the team; John “RevaN” Boble and what he expects from the team.

If you don’t know who RevaN is, RevaN was once a part of Apex Collapse and was recently released from the team and quickly, picked up by DeathwisH in hopes that they would form a strong team bond together and gain the momentum to go into UMG Chicago. You can find him on twitter at @apeX_RevaN or on

So, without further-a-due, it’s my pleasure to give to you an article and interview pertaining to DeathwisH, newest player, RevaN.


Me: Hey RevaN, how are you today?

John: I’m doing good, getting ready for UMG tomorrow and this weekend.

Me: Well, I honestly cannot wait to see how you guys on DeathwisH stand up to the competition.

John: I have a great feeling about this weekend. I think we’re all going to play our best and maybe even surprise some people.

Me: Alright, so starting off; since everyone may not know you, would you like to introduce yourself to us?

John: My name is John Boble, or as many know me, RevaN. I’m 18 years old and I am born and raised in New York. Currently, I am a competitive player for the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, even though it is not on the MLG circuit. I am currently running the Support OBJ for team DeathwisH and can’t wait to see how we do at UMG together.

Me: So, being the newest member to DeathwisH, how do you see the team all together?

John: Well, I see DeathwisH the same I see every other team. OpTic BigTymer once said “Don’t make your friends your teammates; make your teammates your friends.” I think that quote is easily applied to this team. I didn’t really know any of these guys; except for Sidroc, before I was put in contact to team up with them. We’re a good group of friends now and I’m glad that I have been given this opportunity to play with them at this tournament.

Me: Well, it’s obvious with you guys newly coming together, that you have never playing in a LAN tournament together; however, have you ever been to a LAN? How did you place?

John: Yes, I have attended a few LAN’s; and Last MLG season I attended every event, as well as WCG, UGC and some NJ Halo’s here and there. My placing for each of the MLG’s last season came in the order of: 9,5,10,8,6,5. I also was fortunate enough to win WCG and UGC.

Me: That’s awesome; winning two different events, congrats.

John: Thanks.

Me: Alright, so tomorrow you guys leave for UMG; what are your expectations for DeathwisH?

John: I never have any expectations going into events; I like to take things one game at a time and go from there. Hopefully, we place well, but only time will tell.

Me: That’s actually extremely smart of you. Usually it’s “we’re going to win” or “we’re going to get stomped,” so, it’s nice seeing that you are going in with a wise attitude; and with that, what do you expect from each of your new team members?

John: I, personally expect them to play at the best of each of their abilities. That’s all I can expect and even ask from each of them. As long as we each play hard each game and fulfill the teammate role, then we’re going to have success and play to our utmost greatest potential.

Me: Again, another wise choice of words. Most people pick out each of their teammates to talk about something that they expect of them. Now for the final question; what are you planning to follow up after UMG?

John: After UMG, there’s a ProAM tournament being held at Local Battles, which is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. After UMG, I’m going to be focusing on this event since it could possibly be my last Mw3 tournament I play in – at least offline. It looks like a very promising and a fun event; I’m really excited to have the opportunity to participate in this and give some of the amateur players a chance to play alongside myself.

Me: Awesome! That sounds like a perfect way to wrap up the MW3 season. I’d now like to take the time to thank you for coming and talking with me, whilst allowing those who don’t know you first hand, to see you in a different way.

John: No, thank you for having me here to talk.


I’d like to thank John or RevaN for taking the time right before this big event, to talk with me about his life in a different way. I plan on watching all of UMG to find out how team DeathwisH and its players perform together at the event. After the event, I am going to try and pull all of the guys into a Skype call to follow up with a discussion over the tournament. However, they may be busy doing things like, the ProAm and it may make time unavailable.

So, if it comes down to that, I will be following up with an article talking about the team and how they performed at UMG Chicago. Thank you for stopping by to read and learn about John “RevaN” Boble. Stay tuned for more articles from those in the community.




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