Sorry for the MIA

Hey all,

I just wanted to write a quick update and tell everyone why I have been so MIA as of lately. Well, as most of you know, I am currently holding a position in a school as a World Geography teacher. My semester ends on December 11 and I will have a TON of free time following that; at least until I can find a full time job somewhere.

So that being said, I have spent the past few months finishing up school and I am proud to announce that I am graduating December 15 at 2:30pm. I am extremely excited and I cannot wait.

Also, I’d like to say thanks to 4Not and all my guys that have been so patient and dealing with me for not being active and around as manager. I cannot wait to get back at it and be back involved with the team. I love you all and I will try and get back into Xbox more… ESP. with Halo 4 just being released and Black Ops 2 coming next week.

I will see you all soon.

Thanks for understanding my MIA.

Amanda Kay


Interview with Pro Call of Duty Coach- Coach EVASIV3

Jake Summers: Coach Evasiv3

Twitter: @Coach_EVASIV3


When I started doing interviews, I thought that writing them out would give everybody something to look at and read. Well, after only three interviews, it was suggested that I do the interviews by voice, so people could hear them instead of just reading. So, I took the chance and went out, in search of a program to record voice from Skype. I found one called Call Graph; and so far it is working amazingly.

So, I’d like to introduce you to Jake “Coach Evasiv3” Summers. I’d also like to say thanks to him for taking the time and barring with me while I worked out the kinks in the first run through. (I apologize for my puppies barking in the background. My mic is EXTREMELY sensitive and picks up anything. My puppies were downstairs and it sounds like they are semi-close.)



I hope that you enjoyed the first interview done by voice, instead of just being written out. I want to continue to evolve to what you all want to hear and see. So, if you have any suggestions, just leave them in the comments.




Be on the lookout for more up and coming interviews. If you have any suggestions of whom to interview, leave a message in the comments. Thanks!

New Intro For All My Videos

I’d like to take a second to thank ESPL Xqzme for making me an amazing intro video to put into my videos that I upload. If you’d like to see my intro, check this out:

He did an amazing job and it means so much to me. Follow him on twitter, as well as the company that he does all his work for:

Personal Twitter: @ESPL_Xqzme

Company Twitter: @ESPLive


Look for the interview between Coach EVASIV3 and myself, later on today. I’ve been experiencing MAJOR issues with YouTube and after re-rendering and starting the upload for the 5th time, I hope that it works.